Shifting business behaviours

Credé Consulting brings 25 years’ experience of helping organisations achieve lasting results by supporting individuals and teams to cut through the noise and get clear on what is really needed.

With an engineer’s practicality and a deep sense of the enormous potential we have when we bring all of our selves to a task, Liz Credé specialises in maximising the performance of people in organisations to help them achieve optimum results for the business.


Liz will help you name and own the thinking, behaviours or processes that are stifling progress, make the shift to a more productive way of working, and align actions to a clear vision and purpose.


Above all, Liz is adept at creating a safe and open climate in which truthful conversations can be had, unhelpful behavioural patterns can be challenged and the smallest changes that make the biggest difference can be put into action.


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Liz brings a very honest, straight forward approach, commercial thinking and strategic vision combined with a calmness that is reassuring. She will push you to deal with the most thought-provoking of situations in a way that feels achievable even when you can’t see a way forward. Liz is a very strong and trusted advisor and I have had great success when she has been involved, both personally and with other groups. 

Simon Wells, HR Director
Retail company


How can I help you?


What I do

I specialise in helping organisations make positive shifts – in behaviours, thinking, leadership and, ultimately, performance. I do this through a tailored blend of facilitation, coaching, team development interventions and leadership development processes.


I work with people to:

  • get real about their current situation and the factors at play that are working for them and against them
  • have the honest conversations that need to be had, to identify, challenge and move beyond any blockages or thresholds that need crossing
  • get clear about, and develop, the things they are really good at
  • achieve leadership alignment at the most senior level, to clarify a shared vision for the organisation that is fit for purpose
  • take action that reflects what the business needs and is grounded in self-awareness so that the results are sustainable
  • become more authentic in their leadership


My input can be particularly helpful in times of change – restructures or mergers, new teams forming, new management, or experienced individuals moving into new roles. But the common thread between my clients is that they want to clear the way to performing at the top of their game, every day.


And I do this with individuals (team members, managers, senior leaders and leaders-in-the-making) and with whole teams of all types, shapes and sizes – from senior management teams and executive Boards, to operational and virtual teams.


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Shift button- shifting thinking, behaviours and leadership


Liz takes a genuine interest in the business and in long-term development – her follow-up calls and continued interest really help ensure that formal development is put into action. Her sessions have made a marked and lasting impact: our business now has both a mission statement and, more importantly, some behaviours and values that are at the core of our partner development plan. I can sum up my reasons for recommending Liz in one word: results. 

Matt Hinds, Managing Partner
THM Partners

Horse-assisted leadership development


“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”.


This is a cracking metaphor for one of the great challenges of organisational life: even with all the carrots, sticks and information in the world, people will only do what they have a mind to do. And witnessing first-hand how horses behave can tell us so much about how we deal with this challenge when we are called on to lead.


As part of my work with teams and individuals I offer horse-assisted leadership development as an experiential one- or two-day workshop that offers transformative learning, plenty of eureka moments and a profound understanding of how we impact on others through our leadership.


When we attempt to lead them, horses perceive with great sensitivity our every gesture, our posture, our tone of voice, our clarity of intention (or lack of), our emotional and mental state, the energy our presence conveys... and will let us know unequivocally, but without judgement, how our leadership is received.


This is a wonderful opportunity to experience unmistakeable non-verbal feedback on your current leadership approach and know how it feels to try out your different ways of building trust and respect in your leadership and see immediate results. For teams, it provides insight into the dynamics and hierarchies at play and how each member contributes in their particular way to the status quo. With coaching support, you are able to challenge your assumptions and limiting beliefs to become more authentic in your leadership.


Hand on heart, the shifts I have witnessed people achieving in this process have been extraordinary – and not a flip chart in sight!


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Participants in the Horse Assisted Leadership Development workshop


The real power was the way it cut to the heart of your ‘purpose’, ‘intent’ and ‘how you show up’ in just minutes. It seems to rapidly reveal deep-seated aspects of your psyche, creating an opportunity for personal understanding and growth to occur (which I have to compliment Liz on for handling so beautifully when such moments arose). This experience is not to be missed. 

Director, Business Change Management

Why choose me?


I have provided consultancy to an enormous variety of organisations, covering countless working cultures, structures and sectors. This exposure has given me a deep appreciation of the complexities of organisational life and a very practical approach to working through them. Over the last 25 years I have witnessed hundreds of clients become more aware and more engaged, identify breakthrough solutions and achieve a level of clarity and motivation that was previously stifled.


My passion and specialism is the cross-over between hard business realities and the human habits that can make organisational progress difficult, unpredictable and sometimes downright messy.


But let’s face it, side-stepping recurring problems or repeating unhelpful patterns is not only messy, it’s a bit like driving with the handbrake on – you will get somewhere, but not necessarily where you would want to be, and certainly not as quickly, efficiently or enjoyably as you could.


So where there are difficult conversations to be had to get to the bottom of an issue, bring conflicting perspectives into alignment and free people to deliver their best, I’m your woman!


I have been called many things over the years (!) ... from intuitive to down-to-earth, authentic to flexible, empathetic to challenging, rigorous to funny (I think that last one was a compliment). All I can say is that I love what I do, I look after my clients and am always willing to go the extra mile even once an assignment has finished – my commitment and engagement do not end once I walk out the door.


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Leo Pharma, RWEnpower, Roche, IBM, CocaCola, Smurfit Kappa, Costcutter, THM Partners, The Health Foundation, Pearson, Warner Bros, Genzyme, Bayer


My coaching sessions with Liz have enabled me to grow and stretch my leadership capabilities and get to know myself much better than I thought I did. She has not let me off the hook to get to the root cause of a behaviour, which has helped drive me much further and faster than I believed possible. This has had a significant and direct impact within my team, with a number of the leadership measures in our employee engagement metrics doubling in terms of impact.

If you believe you are a good leader, but have the potential to be great, my advice would be give Liz a call. 

Tim Stothart, Head of Change
Energy Retailer

What clients say


Liz is inspiring – she encourages people to go beyond their own beliefs about what they can achieve. Thanks to Liz I developed strong influencing and change-management skills in a complex multi-national environment. The team is better connected and the business gave us feedback that in 2014 we were 100‰ effective. 

Ingeborg Steneker, VP
General Manager
Genzyme Headquarter Office in Naarden


Working with Liz is exciting and challenging as her approach requires you to consider the bigger picture and really reflect on your own thinking and approaches in a way you may not have done previously. I recommend Liz because she provokes a mind-set change that is very refreshing and that will bring you success on any level. 

Simon Wells, HR Director


Liz is a credible, calming and concise coach, meaning for me that she is able to see through the busy thoughts and high energy and activity and provide clarity and focus. Thanks to her input I am a better influencer and have more confidence in my leadership capability; and the business has a senior influencing programme that has a great reputation. I would highly recommend Liz as she will provide a high quality solution that is carefully planned and executed and also delivered with empathy and understanding. 

Lyann Farrelly
Learning & Organisational Development, Director, Europe, Global entertainment company


Liz is open-minded and listens carefully – and has an inspiring sense of humour! The way she asks questions helps the team to identify the important points to work on, and she creates an atmosphere that facilitates interactive and open discussion, enabling you to achieve your agreed goals. 

Rudolf Knauthe
Global Program Head, Global pharmaceuticals company


Liz has the ability to engage the team to step up and combine their forces – she brings optimism, inspiration and commitment. As a result of working with Liz I came out of my operational comfort zone and became really focussed on the needs of the international multicultural matrix organisation. What’s more, the team became a true team and the business is clearly benefitting. 

Huib Havik
European Sales & Marketing Director, Smurfit Kappa