Lollipop Lady

June 24th, 2015



I guess you want to read this to get some new idea, learn something different, be stimulated by fresh thinking.

It seems to me we’re all in a rush, impatient, moving on, cramming in appointments, expecting instant responses from computers, immediate replies to emails, call backs from people, so we can get on with the next thing and the next. It’s so hard to stand still and I’ve realised recently that that’s sometimes exactly what my clients value when I work with them – getting them to stop, stand still and look backwards in order to go forward; creating a space for review.

I’m always amazed at how simple questions can have a profound effect on teams – taking time to look at what they’ve achieved over the last year, how they’ve worked together, what they’ve done really well, what has bombed. Sometimes they resist doing it, so programmed to rush on and solve the next problem rather than learn from what’s happened or become more aware of how they are operating. And yet when they do, their batteries recharge effortlessly, creative conversations happen and their mountains begin to look more like molehills.

So one of the pictures I have of myself now is as a helpful Lollipop lady, standing in the sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy weather of business life, in front of the rushing on-coming cars, driven by frenetic managers, demanding they stop – long enough to get fresh thinking, new ideas and insights by looking back rather than rushing forwards.



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